Scissors Man [Hasame Otoko]

Because TSUTAYA was half price, after a long time DVD rental. The original calling, because it was funny, while thinking that you regret absolutely, you borrowed. “Expectation is the mother of disappointment”, according to proverb, at excessive expectation do, you look, with it can enjoy well enough, don't you think?. The story is according to the original. But, how doing that original, whether filming when, like the advertisement copy of the movie whether how it processes the “image conversion impossibility” becoming matter of concern, because the ginger it was not, you saw. Don't you think? thought… the extent which becomes! You agreed upon.

It was written on thought blog of everywhere, but it is the fire suspension, just, you thought that like the is. The original reading basically, more whether it was good making the making which designates the person as prerequisite, don't you think?. Without explanation [koneta] overissue and the combining of contents with the original. By the way, as for the shank and the CASSHERN saw excessively it is not the taste in the Aso Kumiko calling, it is to think that is, but while recently the varieties seeing that it was accustomed, you say, or gradually understood charm. On it is not the case that it has an influence the “aging police” largely.

Lastly, with fear, there is no this. In addition, we recommend that the original is read first strongly.

Scissors Man

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